Examining the Singapore Sentosa

The city of Sentosa is one of the most fascinating of islands in the country of Singapore. It is important to note that more than half of the island is covered by secondary rainforest. It also has a beach that stretches about 3.2 km. In the 1970’s the government of Singapore decided to develop the place into a holiday resort for all tourist and local visitors. With the vision of becoming one of the most luxurious holiday locations, there is a plush Integrated Resort which houses the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa. Let us then examine this Singapore Casino Sentosa and online casino Singapore in greater detail.

It would interest you to note that plans to build the Singapore Casino Sentosa generated a lot of public debate and criticism. There were a lot of contributions from Christian and Muslim groups as well as other social workers who expressed their utmost disapproval to the casinos. There were a lot of concerns about the negative impact of casino gambling which would then lead to compulsive gambling. People also complained that this would lead to the springing up of certain associated vices like money laundering, loan sharks and even organized crime.

The winning consortium for this Singapore Casino Sentosa was the front-runner known as Genting International and Star Cruises. This would include among other constructions a host of world class family leisure attractions like a family resort and an official casino.

The government defended the Singapore Casino Sentosa as one that would boost the tourism industry of the country which has been facing stern competition from other destinations in the region especially from Hong Kong and Bangkok. These places have all legalized the operation of casinos in the wake of initiatives from Singapore. Malaysia has even got a legal casino and theme park on Genting Highlands which is closer and was very much patronised by tourists who visited Singapore. It is expected that these casinos would offer more than 35,000 jobs to the locals directly and indirectly.

Apart from the casino which is to be the main idea behind the construction, there are other amenities like theme parks, museums, theatres, convention and shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. Since their construction they have been offering some of the best services ever when it comes to hospitality and gaming. Scores of people locally and from abroad have been thronging the Singapore Casino Sentosa to make more money.