Singapore City Tours

A guided tour of Singapore will give you the most information about the city. With a guide along you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and find out all kinds of pertinent things about the city and its people. They know quite a bit, so just ask if you have any questions. Get prepared to sit back and relax while they take you around and don’t forget to bring along your camera for some great photos.

Two great tours of Singapore include the Harbour Cruise and the Singapore Ducktours. The Harbour Cruise is a wonderful boat ride. The Singapore Ducktours is seeing the city by land and by sea. Either one of these is a great way to see Singapore, here is you chance to see it both ways and have a laugh as well.

Singapore City Theatres – The theatres in Singapore have great performances that you’ll really enjoy so be sure to make some time to see one of them while you’re visiting. You can see the opera, the ballet, musical performances and more. Just call ahead to see what shows are playing while you’re going to be in Singapore and make sure you purchase your tickets ahead of time.

Sentosa – If you get thrilled with exciting events, Sentosa Island should be the top choice to visit. Everything is planned at its best; whether its nightclub, Spas, Resort, casino Singapore club or beaches.

You’ll want to go to the Victoria Theatre to take in a wonderful performance. There is also the Esplanade where you can see the opera and more when you’re in Singapore. There are other theatre options listed below.

Where you nicest outfit and make the most of you’re trip to Singapore. You’ll definitely want to see a show while you’re there.

Singapore City Museums – Make time to visit as many museums as you can when you’re in Singapore. The museums provide such informational and educational visits. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful exhibits and enjoy all the museums have to offer. There is a lot of walking involved so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Be sure to stop in the gift shops to pick up some wonderful souvenirs after you visit each museum.

The Singapore Art Museums will provide you with some breathtaking artwork and hours of enjoyment. Also stop at the Tan Swie Hian Museum if you’re an art lover for even more beautiful pieces. Stop at the Singapore History Museum for the background of Singapore.

The museum you see in Singapore will be a truly wonderful experience. We highly recommend you see as many as you can.