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Good News, etc. is the largest circulated Christian newspaper in San Diego. The combined monthly print run is 32,000 copies, divided into two geographic areas — San Diego and North County. Surveys show that it has a shelf life of nearly two months. More than 1,100 locations receive the paper in San Diego County. Distribution locations include churches, Christian bookstores, coffee shops, doctors’ offices, libraries, auto repair shops and other businesses. After reading an issue, many readers save it or pass it on to family or friends. Our readers are also usually homeowners who possess above-average purchasing power and are highly involved in the community. Their average age is 48 and the average income is $77,000. However, the best part about reaching customers or supporters through Good News, etc. is that our readers trust the newspaper as a source of reliable information and services offered by trustworthy, Christian advertisers.

Survey Shows Readers Are...

  • 54% female
  • 75% married
  • 39% parents
  • 30% make weekly online purchases
  • 78% are college educated
  • 20% hold a masters or doctorate degree
  • 50% attend church 2-3 times per week
  • 78% are home owners
  • 89% have DLS/Cable internet or better
  • 85% report reading most or all Good News, etc. each month
Good News, etc. is a unique media outlet that allows you to target Christian individuals, families and churches who are most likely to do business with Christian advertisers like you. When brothers and sisters in Christ come to one another for help through an avenue like Good News, etc., the body of Christ becomes a little more unified, and God is glorified.


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