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Discover faith through lectures

Pastor Alistair Begg

Some may know pastor Alistair Begg for being the voice behind Truth For Life – a religious program that is widely available on radio, but also over the Internet. He has also released a series of books making connections between religion and things that happen to us on a regular basis. The pastor has often been awarded for its preaching too.
The video shows multiple pastors and their best sermons. In the first scene, you can see one of the most unexpected, yet realistic sermons out there by pastor Jeff Durbin. Feel free to learn from the sermon, appreciate it, try to understand the meanings behind it and share it with those close to you – a proper lesson of faith.

Nicholas Vujicic

Nicholas Vujicic – born in Australia, in 1982 – is one of the few people out there born with an unusual affection – the tetra amelia syndrome. He was born with no arms or legs. He began his speaking venture when he was only 19 years old. Today, he speaks at all kinds of religious conferences in the attempt to motivate more fortunate people.
The video shows Nick Vujicic talking about his situation – not in a negative way like most people would expect, but in a positive way. Nick embraces the life God has given him, as he knows God’s love for us will never change.

Lake Forest Mega Church

Saddleback Church is one of the multiple mega churches around the USA. Located in Lake Forest, it brings together a wide variety of pastors and motivational speakers who aim to describe God’s love for us – all about happenings, incredible coincidences and things that make sense and can convince everyone about this aspect.

The scene in this video shows pastor Rick Warren talking about some of the most popular source of stress in our lives, as well as ways to overcome them.


Lake Forest Mega Church

Saddleback Church has always been a source of incredible religious lessons and teachings, not to mention sermons. Located in California, the church brings together some of the best pastors in the world, as well as some of the top motivational speakers out there. Our newspaper has often related the events occurring there.
This educational scene is about love and marriage. Find out from pastor Rick Warren what it takes to enjoy a fulfilling marriage.